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Free RiseUp.net Invites Nanonymous No.21732 [D][S][L][A][C] >>21736 >>21788
RiseUp is an e-mail provider. I'll be gifting invites in this thread. Just ask if you want one.

uwu Nanonymous No.21734 [D][U][F] >>21735 >>21736
File: 59f6952bb39dc467a8f4f2c9281c160494dbf984e9a4c85642271181a08c1427.gif (dl) (807.57 KiB)
It's not like I want an invite code or anything, OK?!
But if you really want to give invites away, t-then I-I will take one! Not cause it's you or anything, it's just cause of the free VPN thingie.
Come on now let's get it over with it! Give me the invite nanon so I can go on my way!!!

Nanonymous No.21735 [D]

Nanonymous No.21736 [D] >>21738
How come you're gifting invites to literal nazis, op?

Nanonymous No.21737 [D]
Want an invite too?

owo N-Nazhiii? totally-not-a-nazi No.21738 [D][U][F] >>21741 >>21742
File: 645f1585a47db270761b649e47a902644574a5839301662cdf615601e7f6ae25.jpg (dl) (12.28 KiB)
>How come you're gifting invites to literal nazis, op?
I swear I totally am not a nazi!
Viva la revolución! Seize the means of production! Ahem what else do they say? Help pls now I need to blend in now.
On another note, can you setup the RiseUp VPN with Wireguard?
Thank you OP

Nanonymous No.21739 [D] >>21741
give me an invite

Nanonymous No.21741 [D] >>21799
I don't care about their or your political position, political positions are spooks and should be avoided.


Nanonymous No.21742 [D]
About wireguard, I don't know, I never tried, I always used openvpn.

Nanonymous No.21743 [D] >>21783
gimme fucking gimme

Nanonymous No.21744 [D] >>21748 >>21783
I wonder what riseup would think of one of their users just giving away invite codes on a public imageboard. The whole point of an invite-only system is to stop just anyone from being able to have an account.

Nanonymous No.21745 [D]
Enough with elitism and aristocracy, everyone deserves a code!

Nanonymous No.21747 [D]
Just remember that you shouldn't trust riseup.

Nanonymous No.21748 [D] >>21783
code me pls thks
They probably wouldn't like it, which is exactly why you should do it.

Nanonymous No.21749 [D] >>21783
Id like one for me too please - cock.li is way too unreliable, even for a free service
Im a commie i swear! Share an invite with your fellow comrade

Nanonymous No.21752 [D] >>21783
can i haz one too kudasai~
can u email it to me:

Nanonymous No.21783 [D] >>21816
Okay, I'm back.


I don't know and I don't care.


I'm not a communist, lol. 5zm8-wr6m


Nanonymous No.21788 [D] >>21816
tfw actual anarchist on anarchist mail service run by commies and punk rock listeners who think they're woke
mods plz delete the codes after everyone got them so they dont know which accounts are belong to us :3

Nanonymous No.21795 [D] >>21800
Can I get one pls I am desperate for a good e-mail

Nanonymous No.21799 [D] >>21800 >>21807
Fuckin 'ell, I arrived late an a commie nigger stole my invite code. Mind sharing another invite code? Hopefully this time I'll be quicker

Nanonymous No.21800 [D] >>21801 >>21816
Sorry for the late response, I was kinda busy. But keep in mind that being the best provider doesn't mean this provider is good. For example losing $2 is better than losing $5, but this doesn't mean losing $2 is good. If you're looking for a good solution, host your own e-mail. Here's your invite: kqna-upww

This doesn't even make sense, Why would someone do that if I'm giving them to anyone? Whatever. dk98-w236

Nanonymous No.21801 [D]
>Why would someone do that if I'm giving them to anyone?
It happens. commie niggers don't tend to possess hindsight. Anyways the new invite code worked like a charm. Thanks nanon

Nanonymous No.21802 [D] >>21810 >>21816
Pretty sure the RiseUp top commies can see who is giving out invite codes and ban them if it's excessive.
The root probelm here is that you are using a special snowflake email service made by commies. You know, I used to have one of their emails but I deleted it in favor of a cockmail account just so I wouldn't have to worry about commies spying on my messages.

Nanonymous No.21805 [D]
It's obviously them farming info.

Nanonymous No.21807 [D]
>being this retarded
this is what you get for not using encryption

Nanonymous No.21809 [D] >>21810
The commies might ban you soon OP, and perhaps cancel the invites, but I don't know what's their policy in that regard. All it takes is one person to rat you out.

The invite thing is kind of stupid on Riseup's part. I mean, everyone can just give them out. It doesn't prevent non-commies from registering. They also provide their custom VPN client for FREE:
>Riseup has a VPN client called RiseupVPN. This VPN client is super easy to use! You just install it and run it—no configuration, no account registration.
OpenVPN still needs an account.

Nanonymous No.21810 [D]
I don't care if they delete my account, it's literally what I'm going to do, that's why I'm giving away invites.

Nanonymous No.21811 [D] >>21816
>Invite codes are created by existing users. Recently created accounts are not able to generate invites, but everyone else can. Data on who has invited whom is retained for a short period of time and then destroyed.

Nanonymous No.21816 [D] >>21817
>mods plz delete the codes after everyone got them
They can still read them from the log. This entire thread needs to go
thank you
>Why would someone do that if I'm giving them to anyone?
So that he doesnt have to wait for a new one obviously
>wouldn't have to worry about commies spying on my messages
You should always assume you are spied on if you dont host it yourself regardless.
I think we could test it by emailing each other about gassing the minorities and see what happens. They claim that the mails are encrypted with your password so they shouldnt be able to read it right?
I sure hope its true and that we get lucky and the info gets lost before somebody snitches. Theres no commies here as far as i know so its possible.

Nanonymous No.21817 [D][U][F] >>21827 >>21832 >>21842
File: 49db703fa4c0cc9e9d512e8dbe42d6b4876de94ffc526ac9e02750a8c8d1b2e1.png (dl) (53.28 KiB)
I'm gonna report you nasty right wingers infiltrating our services. Scum like you will not be tolerated.

Nanonymous No.21826 [D] >>21832
No more invites. I think my account was banned, lol.

Nanonymous No.21827 [D]
im not a right winger

Nanonymous No.21829 [D]

Nanonymous No.21832 [D]
Yeah i think theyve got me too

Nanonymous No.21833 [D]
>Log in for that account is temporary suspended while we perform maintenance. Please try again later.
Aaah sure. Stupid commies

Nanonymous No.21834 [D][U][F] >>21835 >>21837 >>21840 >>21841 >>21843 >>21846 >>21877 >>21881
File: 557b5212aacf1fd17561173e8c514212ec11aefe4a0408137583ede875d9f6ff.png (dl) (87.70 KiB)
I got OP banned LMAO. Serves him right for being a filthy NAZI SCUM.

Nanonymous No.21835 [D] >>21836
imagine such faggots that take this seriously and take action against it while calling themselves anarchists

Nanonymous No.21836 [D] >>21838
I'm not an actual anarchist. I'm just larping to own da libs nazis

Nanonymous No.21837 [D] >>21838 >>21843
>Linking commies to Nanochan
You are a real fucking piece of work and you need to be banned from Nanochan. Disgusting.

Nanonymous No.21838 [D]
i was talking about the riseup staff
just checked my account was deleted too oy vey
back to your containment board you go

Nanonymous No.21840 [D]
imagine being an anarcho-attention whore

Nanonymous No.21841 [D][U][F]
File: 6b52dcaa05d391e9b64b6b6fa3087e987d0bbf27ad76dab64247c4c4e1522e69.jpg (dl) (24.04 KiB)

Nanonymous No.21842 [D]
May your mom gets raped by a bunch of underage hajis.

Nanonymous No.21843 [D][U][F]
File: a575d76f2323b9ac4601b2cfea05d878530ec0c94d9c11275c5e1a404a2ffb5d.webm (dl) (551.00 KiB)
<and you need to be banned from Nanochan.
Now you're acting like an even bigger nigger than >>21834
Do you fucking understand where you're?

Nanonymous No.21844 [D]

Nanonymous No.21846 [D]
>Imagine being this much of a rat
can't wait till the day you and your tribe are thrown into a giant bowl of sulfuric acid, yid.

Nanonymous No.21849 [D]
Now this failed spectacularly. Next time try this on one of the pastebins that auto-delete messages once read.

Nanonymous No.21850 [D] >>21856 >>21872
OP should have just used a PGP public key

Nanonymous No.21856 [D][U][F] >>21872
File: e5082878915c4895a0310e6266f5d4c3f0916acc43cb0764c7767fac8646f683.jpg (dl) (25.35 KiB)
Yeah. Probably would have been better for OP to disseminate invite codes via email (using PGP to keep riseup from seeing the codes being sent out) rather than the dumpster fire this thread turned into.

Nanonymous No.21857 [D]
The commies want to remind us that only White Terror will take care of those cockroaches.

Nanonymous No.21872 [D] >>21873 >>21874
OP here. they would probably do the same since I was creating lots of invite codes and much people were joining at the same time.

Nanonymous No.21873 [D]
We should have coordinated better. Let this be a lesson for the future

Nanonymous No.21874 [D]
Not to mention they could have counted the amount of requests in this thread and snatch us that way.

Nanonymous No.21877 [D]
When the time comes, you will taste some NAZI boot for real. A lesson to everyone that a commie is good only when dead.

sage Nanonymous No.21881 [D] >>21882 >>21883 >>21886
Disappointing how many nanons would consider using le rise up.

Based, thank you for saving your fellow nanons.

Nanonymous No.21882 [D]
>>21881 (me)
>sage in the wrong field

Nanonymous No.21883 [D] >>21885 >>21888
What is a good alternative?

Nanonymous No.21885 [D]
National socialism.

Nanonymous No.21886 [D]
>>21881 [
because we dont care about your moralfag concerns and just want a fucking email that works

Nanonymous No.21888 [D] >>21889
use cock.li until the onion comes back up
Unlike rise up, you don't need to worry about getting banned for sharing invite codes (because there are none).

Nanonymous No.21889 [D] >>21890
dismail.de is also fine for what it is (you're gonna need XMPP client and e-mail client, if you don't want to enable JavaScript in your browser). Although you really shouldn't trust either, be it dismail.de or cock.li.
Self-hosting is always the best.

Nanonymous No.21890 [D] >>21891
>Self-hosting is always the best.
Not if he wants to have multiple unrelated accounts.

Nanonymous No.21891 [D]
Right, but I was mainly thinking about only personal use. Might also try yadim (Yet another disposable mailbox) from dismail.de for quick registering, if you don't mind allowing JavaScript that is.

Nanonymous No.21893 [D] >>21898 >>21900 >>21905
You shouldn't trust riseup anyway. They are not bound by any law so they can read your mail and get away with it, and they will spy on you because they are commie faggots. They are the largest spying facility and even if they are confronted with it they will say something like "oh, it was because we had to spy on fascists so it doesn't count".

Never trust a commie douchebag.

Nanonymous No.21898 [D] >>21900

Nanonymous No.21899 [D] >>21900 >>21905
This has nothing to do with /pol. It's a general observation about those lowlifes who think that everything is justified as long as it's against some imaginary "fascist" enemy. A few days ago it was revealed how they plant cp on forums and subs they don't like so they can shut them down and claim some "antifascist" victory. So no one should trust them, ever.

Nanonymous No.21900 [D]
Obviously they do, this is just the behavior of ideologues.
Same thing, different flavor

Trustworthy providers are people you can trust to attack you if they feel like it, because if they still offer a functional service wrapped around that idea you'll always have access to that service.

Nanonymous No.21905 [D]
Then why can't we find people reporting that they've got in trouble because of what they've said using RiseUp's services?
Do you have a reference for the planting? That would be useful to show people.

Nanonymous No.21913 [D] >>21929
I have used services controlled by libtards in the past. I can tell you it's a mistake. They are control freaks who will do all kind of nasty things like deleting messages and users, doxxing, reading your messages and so on. Then when exposed they will say something like "I only did it because they were nazis".

Nanonymous No.21929 [D]
>>21913 [
>They are control freaks who will do all kind of nasty things like deleting messages and users, doxxing, reading your messages and so on.
bot post