I'm not very good at writing, but here goes.

So, I've semi-decided on a format for this site. There will be two types of posts, "blog posts" which are basically stream of consiousness writings of whatever I feel like talking about, and "Articles". For something to be an article, it must have two things. One, it must be something that's always relevent, like a guide, advice, or a list, etc and two, it must have some semblance of effort put in to it (lol). I don't know if I'll be making very many articles. Whenever I have an idea for something to post about, it always seems so easy to write about in my head, but when I go to actually do it, I just...can't. It's like... I can't translate the thoughts into words. So uh, I'll probably be making a whole lot more blog posts than articles, since the whole point is to make it easier to get my thoughts out of my head lol.

Also, for the like two people who already found this site and may have been wondering why I finished the index page and then did nothing for a week, I'll be honest, it's cause I started playing Ocarina of Time 3D and have been playing it too much to do anything with the site LOL. I decided to do a marathon of the mainline 3D Zelda, but with all remasters (because all the Zelda remasters are better than their originals, except mayyybe MM3D from what I've heard) ending with Skyward Sword HD when it comes out. I plan on making a review sorta thing of each game on this site after I've played it.

For some reason I thought this would be longer but it only ended up being a couple short paragraphs...anyway, time for me to go to bed, might post more tomorrow. Maybe.