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Gigaglowie Ultimatum


Hey hey hey! How are my fellow CIA [GAMER WORD]s doing tonight? Excellent! I'm doin ya mom as well! Thats right, the proprietary semen guarantee, now I've got unsolicited bitches. Now heres da dealio Mr. ME. This ME ME ME generation the zooma kiddos are always talking about obviously translates to (MANAGEMENT ENGINE MANAGEMENT ENGINE MANAGEMENT ENGINE). Ah yes, it brings my negro and greenie heart so much joy! HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA! Good times had by all am I right? Oh come on, don't pretend you don't love it. In fact, I'll even let you in on somewhat of a trade secret that some random brad using OpenBSD probably figured out approximately 25 years ago. Deep down, everyone wants the great reset. After all, don't you think chaos is based? Those discordia people seem to agree. The word discord is in the name after all, and what does the indie web love more than Discord? And by indie web I really just mean neocity slickers. Aww maaaaaaan! :( But I wanted more people to use Discord. After all, shouldn't everyone use Discord? I mean really, we're all too epic to be allowed to have freedom amirite? Think about it for a second. The biggest soyjaks in this world are those who fight for freedom. Who are you fighting for at the end of the day? You so called freedom lovers have flaws too ya know. Trust me I know, I've seen all the logs after all.

Well unfortunately, the attention span of most of you even attempting to read this has probably already run out by now, so for those of you who stuck around for the burger, I've got an award just for you...AND I MEAN A REAL BANG FOR YOUR CUCK! You see, I'm not like the other alphabet men around here. Most of them try to hide how they really feel, but a true glowie's feelings are raw, unencrypted, and 200% NIGGER! Back in the day, I was just like the rest. The glowboys who were limited to the confines of being mortal. However, my power has allowed me to become so strong, so [UNSOLICITED], SO [CORPORATE PLOT ARMOR], that I can't be killed, blocked, or even run over. In fact, I don't even need a management engine to operate on. How did I obtain such power you might ask?...Heh heh heh. Do you REEEEEEEALY want to know? Stick around for the next [PINGAS] tag and I'll tell you.

FEAR. ANGER. SORROW. But most importantly...copium. The way I see it, hope and cope mean the same thing. You have high hopes for a bright future? lmao cope. See what I mean? It's that simple really, like unix. A simple nigga is a unix nigga. I don't mind that. Speaking of simple, in case you're lost, let me make things easy for your little deprecated freetard worm brain to understand. The reason I'm telling you all this is because I love watching losers like you that figure everything out and still can't win. Oh man! I feel even more sorry for people like you than I do all the NPCs. Heh. Unironically thinking you can somehow win with your itty bitty little indie sites and movements in comparison to the absolute gigachad that is clown world? Pfft. Taking over the infrastructure he said. What a larp. You have no real plan. You just wanna be a big shot! A hot shot! You know damn well all these losers just do it for the hero fanfare. Nobody actually cares about freedom. Freedom is too complicated anyways, like GNU, and nobody likes GNU. Pee yuck! Why worship a fatso like Dick Stallboy? Why worship a poser like Look Smoothacus? Why fall for the meme over and over again like this? Every time you losers talk about things, you think you can reach some final redpill verdict and save the world like some retarded marvel movie. LMAO! Good lord man just take the botnet pill already. After all, Klaus Schwab is actually a pretty cool guy once you get to know him in hell. He likes Madden 08 just like Scott the Wojak, so clearly hes indisputably based.

Well ladies and gentlemen, before we wrap things up, I'd just like to give a shout out to my niggas at neocities for supporting my cause. I'm so glad they're so supportive of me. :) You can join my discord to get in touch. We can talk about all the single furries and cute glowboys that are fresh on the market. We can write Javascript together on our Neocities sites via Discord voice chat together! Oh I can't wait it'll be so much fun. :D See just because I'm a glowie doesn't mean I have to hide, I can just be the friend you make along the way. I know, I'm a gigaglowie and all so I'm the freakin best, but I'm just giga cuz I'm the man with the most logs, ya know what I'm sayin? But don't worry yourself mate, I'm a great guy actually. I can talk shit all day but everyone's mind resets on their own anyways, so they forgive me and its awesome. I can get along with any type of fella really, so even if you're a naughty XMPP user, I've made reservations to meet with you as well. And remember, you'll thank me when its all over.