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       Chapter 1       

      Table of VPS Providers      

Things you should look for when choosing a provider:

If the provider is prohibitively blocking or hard to access it will not necessarily be tested further, which also usually entails paying money.

Name Eepsite Onion Requires JavaScript Requires Excessive Verification (JS Captcha, Phone, Name etc) Payment in XMR Censorship
1984 No No, and blocks Tor w/out UA Yes
Bahnhof Yes Name, Phone, Captcha No
Ghandi No No Yes Yes No, but takes BTC w/ verified Bitpay account
IncogNET Yes Yes Yes No Yes Legal
Linode No, and block Tor w/out UA (Cloudflare) Yes (Cloudflare) Yes (Cloudflare)
Njalla Yes Yes Yes
OrangeHost Blocks Tor Entirely
Privex Yes Yes No No Yes Legal

Ninteen Eighty Four



Most of their site isn't available in English.


Shopping cart requires JS and account with real name, phone number, email address and physical address. Cryptocurrency payment accepted only through third party provider Bitpay, which is Cloudflared, requires solving reCaptcha to register, and probably ID document verification "Due to European regulatory requirements, one-time customer verification is now required for all cryptocurrency payments".


The main list screen you see upon logging into the control panel.
The main list screen you see upon logging into the control panel.

Offers Alpine Linux, FreeBSD, HardenedBSD, NetBSD and some others. Gives options to add a custom ISO, also has a rescue mode. Incognet is heavily dependent on JavaScript for its functionality, including the support center and the registration process. Embeds a Google ReCaptcha script on their sign-up page, but it can be blocked with an extension; doing so will not impact the website's functionality. Payment requires JavaScript. However, personal information still does not have to be given. The control panel interface isn't super smooth and seems to require JS. The VPS control page does not specify Eep or Onion addresses.

The control page is somewhat janky and slow, however having full control over what OS you use and its bootloader combined with a relatively private sign up and payment process makes it one of the best options. Despite changing the OS via a custom ISO, the VM is still marked as the one originally installed (ie Debian).

Does work through Tor, but provides no onion domain for payment.

Downloading an ISO using "ISO Management".
Downloading an ISO using "ISO Management".
Configuring the boot order, CDROM and VNC.
Configuring the boot order, CDROM and VNC.
Slackware ISO in the virtual CDROM.
Slackware ISO in the virtual CDROM.
Starting the VPS.
Starting the VPS.


IRC Now's Plans and Pricing page, with nice Old Western imagery
IRC Now's Plans and Pricing page, with nice Old Western imagery
Offers Slackware, OpenBSD, 9front among others. Seems to want you to contact them over IRC. Has pretty Old West imagery.
Can be contacted via email or IRC, but after being contacted by a member of our team they said "Right now we do not have the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments".
They themselves use BuyVM and AlienData for hosts.[1] These are believed to be dedicated servers on which the VPSs are run.


Linode's wonderful homepage (Cloudflared).
Linode's wonderful homepage (Cloudflared).
A provider that maybe used to be good, but went the way of the Clownflare.


Select domain option does not work in PaleMoon. Search for domains is better than IncogNET.


OrangeHost telling Tor Browser Bundle and Werefox users they should "upgrade".
OrangeHost telling Tor Browser Bundle and Werefox users they should "upgrade".
Totally blocks Tor.


PGP emails are not actually supported, and they request that you use HTML-only emails, the worst kind of email. VNC 404s unless you use a sufficiently bloated browser (ie Librewolf or UGC). The VNC allows you to power on/off and reboot the VPS, which is a non-standard feature. Beyond this, the VNC is non-functional and only gives a gray screen or a TTY notification, rendering it useless for recovery purposes. Also, they only support SystemD distros.

If you try and migrate Arch to Artix, you will be unable to unless it perfectly boots and turns on networking and SSH the first time (it won't). They use their own special bootloader which does not show the GRUB menu, so you cannot edit the boot parameters on startup (or at all it seems). There is also no recovery mode to fix things.

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